Fix NBA League Pass Login and Subscription Not Working

The NBA League Pass is the ultimate deal for any basketball fan, effortlessly streaming all the games in the NBA. In the recent past, however, they have been experiencing quite irritating problems associated with subscription and logging in.

This article is going to go into that issue at length and propose a solution to the problem, hoping to get you back to watching your games.

NBA League Pass Common Problems Fix

Just as from the onset of its launching, League Pass does have some common problems, for example, login issues, problems in activating the subscription, among other issues. They tend to occur due to many reasons, from plan compatibility to regional restrictions, among others.

Check Server Status:

The NBA Pass depends on some servers, which are online servers, and sometimes, when there is an occurrence of big-demand events, they can be overwhelmed. Kindly use the server status page to ensure that the servers are up.

Internet Troubleshooting:

“NBA League Pass” is an online service. Troubleshoot; in the occasion of failure, it is required to restart the Wi-Fi router at first and then inspect whether other streaming services, like YouTube and Twitch, work. If the problem remains, contact your internet service provider.

Update the NBA League Pass App:

An update usually resolves most of the problems related to the app. The League Pass has had its time, and the product has been updated regularly with new features and bug fixes.

So, ensure that you download or update the app from only authentic sources, like the NBA website, or the Apple App Store and Google Play Store applications.

Clear NBA League Pass App Cache:

This can generate issues with the cached data in the case of that app version. To solve it, go to the settings of your device, then to the Apps or Apps Manager section, find the NBA application, and thereafter “Clear cache”.

Disable VPN Services:

NBA League Pass is restricted in some areas, so all attempts to proxy your location by use of VPN services will only land you to loads of issues during logins. Ensure that all the VPNs are deactivated during the access to your applications.

Check Available Storage

This would really compromise the functionality of the app. A device should have between 1-2 GBs of storage, at the very least, so that NBA content can be streamed without any hiccups.

Disable Mock GPS Apps:

If such is the case, then a mock GPS location application can spoil the game for the NBA app, just like how a VPN would.

Just make sure that such apps are idle while you use your League Pass.

Verify Your Account Region

If you subscribe to NBA League Pass in a given region, then it is advisable that you try to access and log in from there.

Accessing the app from another region may return to you login and subscription errors. Conclusion: This guide has brought out solutions on how to effectively deal with NBA League Pass Login and Subscription issues.

In this case, make sure that the network runs well, continue with updating the application, and follow the tips from our guide on how to solve the NBA League Pass subscription. By doing so, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to the thrilling world of NBA basketball.

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